Thursday, July 17, 2014


Dear Family;
I went to the temple today and then we walked over to eat at the main campus. When I sat down to eat I got up to go grab another drink. And when I did I ran into Linc. Reality slapped me hard in the face I haven't cried in the mtc until now. It's not hard but its just alot of things all at once. I feel like Hermano Holmen (our Spanish teacher, he reminds me a lot like me) is a real homie and he teaches us with the spirit and can tell that we are all super stressed- My companion is a true homie he likes to be on time and works hard and sets goals so I feel like thats a true blessing to me. Because that's exactly what I need. I'm not sure if you've been receiving my letters so i'll just reiterate what I said. Mi compenero es small, his head is almost to my shoulders just above it. I tease him alot because it helps him to ease up and take things as they come. He reminds me of Ferris Buller but not his spontaneous actions but they way he talks and little looks and laughs. Umm but I love all our study time that we receive i've been able to study the scriptures like never before.

Throughout this whole week me and my companion have been able to teach a mock investigator (YANET)  just straight in Spanish. So the mtc method to teaching the language here is like having Quincy and Canyon that don't know as good of english as most and then have them teach you and Dad the first discussion and answer any questions you have about our church. At one time in our first lesson, me and my companion hit a spot where neither of us knew what to say so I was wracking my brain trying to gather the most spanish I could...So I ended up on the first lesson saying "Yo quiero Taco Bell" hahaha she laughed really hard and so did Elder Haterlie. But today at six we are asking her to become baptismal (in Spanish obviously) and hopefully she will say yes. Overall this past week has been stressful but also very spirtual and humbling becuase i've never in my life have felt so close to my savior than this past week. Give my best wishes to Lauren, Wade, Kal, River( I love her little notes and letters), Quinny Quin, and Canny boy. I miss you guys so much i'm crying right now just thinking about you guys thinking what your doing and wishing this email time wasn't so short. But now I have to head and do some laundry. I'll keep writing you and hopefully my letters will get through to you I love you Mom and tell Dad I do too.

Love Elder Roberts

ps. can you send me more corpatas( ties) y some more t-shirts no bandnames 

Hasta luego


Write more I love the family letters. XOXOXOoooxxX

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