Monday, July 14, 2014



Dear Family;

Everything is going fantastic! The language is...well bits and pieces, never mind it's all coming along wonderfully! Today we taught a "mock" investigator. She spoke straight espanol, I could understand her pretty well. I tried with the phrases I knew but it just wasn't coming along, mainly the only thing I could do was bear my testimony. My companion reminds me of Ferris Bueller so much. Not really the free spirited and carefree living nut, moire the actor and how he looks and he sounds almost identical.
Our district consists of 12 Elders and + companionships  - we are the largest district at the MTC and the youngest. I really enjoy hearing about home life, I miss you guys but they keep us really busy so I hardly have anytime to think unless it's late at night but then I fall asleep as soon as my cabeza hits the pillow. So far I've kept my goal and took a picture everyday! I love you guys and I love you mom and have more respect for what you do when I hear about all the other Elder's mamas. I'll write more on pday.

Love Elder Roberts

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