Friday, July 25, 2014



Dear Dad;
Everything is going great, honestly it's hard but it's worth it.
I'm trying to take in every minute, but I'm exhausted and sometimes I catch myself drifting to sleep or thinking about life before the MTC. I feel like you're the only one that feels my strain, you know? I'm sorry to not be able to write, they plan out our schedule down to the very minute. I was asked to be District Leader, I'm finally excited. The food is starting to become blah!! I'm figuring things out with the comp. He likes to be on time and he starts to pester me that we need to leave about 15 minutes in advance. But overall he is the best comp out of the whole district. The best guy is Elder Tueller, if we were comps we just wouldn't get anything done, so Elder Haderlie is a blessing for me.

It's kinda funny what things you find to uplift your day, like..."oh hey they are serving pizza for lunch!"
or Brother Holmen's lessons or how we did with our mock investigator or mom's packages. Those things you hold onto and have them help build you up. The language is coming along, Brother Holmen said I'm not giving myself enough credit and am being too hard on myself.

The living sitch is improving - sometimes I feel like second class citizens on the Titanic compared to the main campus. The weeks are starting to blend together. Sooner than I know, I'll be writing you from Xalapa. I love you Dad, thanks for all the lessons you've taught- they're helping me out.

p.s. hey mom!
ummm you're the biggest sweetheart for sending me letters and packages! Yesterday was hard thinking about all the things you guys are doing for the 24th. We have a term for this and it's called trunky or trunking. It made me wonder how hard Christmas is going to be. Wow what if I saw you? That would've blown my mind and set me back two weeks. I think I dream bout the family at least three times a week. But I pray for you guys every morning and every night.
I realize more each day how great of parents I have.

With love -Elder Roberts

- bretty boy

Give Jake my best wishes! I'll have a letter for him, I'll just send it for you to give to him.
Oh and I'm glad I didn't have a girlfriend, a bunch of guys just got dear Johns!

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