Saturday, July 19, 2014

JUNE 18th 2014 (I think he means JULY)


Dear Mom and Dad;

Elder Haterlie told me something that really blew me away...He said that his mom has bone cancer throughout her body and will probably not be here by the time he gets back. This really put my life into perspective on how truly blessed I am. To have a mother and dad that are perfectly healthy and are proud of me and support me 100% on the mission. I know a kid in my district that his dad didn't even know or care that he left. So this letter is the best I can do to show my love and appreciation for all the big things you do and the little also. It's hard to show because you can't tell my emotion through this letter, but I really do love you.

With Love, Bretty Boy

How's the baby? Does Quincy and Canyon understand that I'm not coming back for a while? Is Rivey liking dance? Does Kal get the teacher he wants? Tell Wade I love when he writes. Have you started school shopping yet?

p.s. Tell Laur I saw Elder Simmons

Oh and can you send me some paperclips for tie pins? inventive ;)

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